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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The AWSAR stands for “Augmenting Writing Skills for Articulating Research”, which is an initiative to disseminate Indian research stories among the masses in a format that's easy to understand and interesting for a lay reader. Under this initiative, PhD and post-doctoral scholars in science and technology streams would be encouraged to write at least one popular science story during the tenancy of their scholarship, and to participate in a national competition.

Indian citizen pursuing PhD or PDF in any stream of Science and Technology (S&T), within the tenancy of respective fellowship can apply.

The following will be the criteria for judging the entries:

  1. The entries will be judged on the basis of accuracy, clarity, insightfulness, and resourcefulness.
  2. The entries should convincingly Awer the questions such as why does the research matter? Does the story explain the writer’s research in a way that is easy to comprehend? Is it a compelling read? etc.
  3. The judgement will be done by a panel of science writers and scientists selected by Department of Science and Technology.

A panel consisting of eminent scientists and science communicators, constituted by DST would evaluate the entries

The following are the award categories:

  1. For PhD scholars:
    1. 1 st prize: ₹1,00,000 (one), 2 nd prize: ₹50,000 (one), 3 rd prize:   25,000 (one)
    2. 100 selected entries:   10,000 each
  2. For Post Doc fellows:
    1. One outstanding story:   1,00,000
    2. 20 selected entries:   10,000 each

Any subject under Science and Technology (S&T) are covered under AWSAR Program.



No, Only popular science stories based on your research paper is accepted.

No, Scholars enrolled in PhD program of Indian University can only apply.

Tentatively the AWSAR Award Function will be held on National Science Day (28th February), every year.

Writing on science and technology in a layman language is known as popular science writing. To understand such writings, no specialized study of S&T is required to the reader. Readers of popular science writing are general public. Research papers have jargon of highly scientific and technical terms which could be understood by only those people who are engaged in research. But in popular science writing, the writer diffuses scientific concept in a very easy to understand style and language.

Yes, the organisation will conduct several workshops across the Country. The schedule for workshop will be informed in due course of time.


No, Only Indian nationals are eligible for this Award.

No. PhD scholars should be registered at least for two years.

Yes, you are eligible but the preference will be given, who has published research paper from his/her study

No, for the time being entries are invited only in English & Hindi.

No, author can submit only one story (either in Hindi or English) for award. Multiple entries from same author will not be considered for evaluation.



The Awards are free to register.


Copyright Awarded stories lies with Vigyan Prasar and DST.

Some of the examples of stories are available on our website.

Send your inquiries to connect.awsar@gmail.com.

Yes, a confirmation will be sent on your registered email-id (Only for Online registration).

The word limit for the popular science story will be in between 1000-1500 words.

The name of the authors of the selected stories will be announced on the AWSAR website.

Submission of story will be accepted only in given time period.

No, only the main author will be considered for AWSAR award.

No, full length article (in popular format, within the prescribed word limit) explains about your research should be submitted.