AWSAR Selected Articles 2018

AWSAR Winners (PhD category)

Sl. No.Article TitleAuthor Name Download/No.
1 Adoption of Green Building for Sustainable Growth of Rural India Ashish Suresh Srivastava /2212
2 Tales of Fixing the Tails Ajay Kumar /920
3 Population and Ecology Symbiosis – Wetland, Macrophyte and Fish Nabanita Chakraborty /707
Sl. No.Article TitleAuthor Name Download/No.
1 Necessity of Gas Sensing In Daily Life: Graphene/Metal Oxide Nanocomposites for Carbon Monoxide Sensing Suresh Bandi /279
2 The Enterprising Life of a Microtubule: 'Ups' And 'Downs' And Some Peaceful Times Aparna J S /106
3 Structural Prediction of Hepatitis E Virus X Domain to Limit Viral Infection: My Experience Vikram Thakur /87
4 Moss: Little Things Which Can Fill the Huge Glitch in Agriculture Tanushree Agarwal /108
5 Solar Cells – Let’s Brighten The World Astha Tyagi /202
6 Solving The Particles’ Game Using Machine Learning Divya Divkaran /72
7 Naturally Inspired: Understanding How Pomegranate Prevents Pancreatic Disorders Payal Gupta /100
8 Some Tensions are Good for Life Joseph Jose Thottacherry /180
9 Improving the Immune Health of the Muga Silkworm: In A Natural Way- The Probiotic Way Pinky Moni Bhuyan /25
10 Kidney Stones: A Stone That Never Rolls Away Abhishek Albert /85
11 Indian Scientists Developed Functionally Graded Nanocrystals for Improved Solar Cells Ankit Goyal /77
12 Resource Allocation and Energy Efficiency in Cellular Networks In Comparison with How to Raise a Happy and Good Child? Yoghitha Ramamoorthi /34
13 I can Eat Uranium-My Name is Deinococcusradiodurans Manobala T /60
14 Knock-Down Punch to Tuberculosis Eira Choudhary /85
15 Paper Machines for Rapid and Inexpensive, Point-of-Care Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Navjot Kaur /50
16 Community Radio for the Upliftment of Farming and Rural Communities in India Aditya /33
17 Making Oil Flow Faster for Cheaper Piyush Garg /30
18 A Way Forward in Ornamental Fish Farming Mahadevi Nagralli /34
19 We the Termites of IISc Nikita Zachariah /95
20 Concerned About Privacy Leaks From Iot Devices? IIT Madras Researchers May Have A Solution! Prasanna Karthik Vairam /27
21 Air Vehicle Which Flaps Its Wings and Flies Ajinkya Vishnu Sirsat /32
22 Missing Not Dead: The Horrifying Story of Man-made Flood Disasters Antara Dasgupta /36
23 Role-Mining the Moonlighting GAPDH Proteins in Cucumber Mosaic Virus Resistance in Plants Bipasha Bhattacharjee /32
24 Teaching and Learning in ‘Acoustical Darkness’ Nithya Subramaniam /32
25 Damage of Brain Wiring in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Abhishek Vats /46
26 Diffusing Bomb of Energy Scarcity Divyashree Arvind /31
27 The Decline and Death of The Protein Empire: Molecular Investigations in Ubiquitination Pathway Sayani Sarkar /31
28 The Changing Brain Neuroplasticity in the Deaf Seema Prasad /31
29 Fly Marathons Preethi Ravi /18
30 Fault Diagnosis of Machines Biswajit Sahoo /29
31 The Smoke that Kills Smell and Fades Memories Anjali Raj /34
32 Bacterial Endophytes: Nature’s Hidden Battalion against Environmental Pollution Neetha Nirupam Jathanna /59
33 Welding Research: Effect of Joint Design on the Corrosion Resistance of Welds Jastej Singh /23
34 Application of a Biomaterial (Urease) in Medicinal Field and other Industries to Remove Urea from Synthetic and Real Sample Sneha Mondal /56
35 Journey of Solitary Waves in Quantum World Gunjan Verma /45
36 Multilayer Mirrors: A New Horizon for Astronomical X-ray Optics Panini Singam /22
37 Unravelling the Mysteries of CRISPR Memory Generation Yoganand Knr /50
38 Screening for X-ALD by Tandem Mass Spectrometry Using Dried Blood Spots Archana Natarajan /10
39 Today’s WASTE is Tomorrow’s WEALTH: Recovery of Rare Earths from Waste Magnets of Wind Turbine Aarti Kumari /46
40 A Wonder Drug Discovered for Chikungunya Treatment Swati Gupta /68
41 Catastrophe in the Nanoworld: Noah’s Ark to the Rescue Harini Gunda /23
42 Satellite Cells– The Unsung Soldiers of the Skeletal Muscle Ajoy Aloysius /24
43 Towards an AI-Assisted Peer Review System Tirthankar Ghosal /44
44 The Missing Link: Contribution of Small Floodplain Tributaries to the Nutrient Budget of Ganga River Soumita Boral /18
45 The Mother of All Problems Dibyajyoti Saha /90
46 The Life Changing ‘Pullei’ Ishani Chakrabartty /22
47 A Cognitive Plant Disease Detector Manjula Thorainellore /32
48 Novel Designing of Reactors Can Help in Producing Natural Fruit Juice without any Preservatives Sourav Sengupta /32
49 Einstein’s Legacy and Songs from the Stellar Graveyard Abhirup Ghosh /36
50 Worried About Being Watched Online? Cryptanalytica is Here to Address Your Privacy Concerns Gargi Mitra /23
51 A Novel Approach for Solar Potential Assessmentusing Geoinformatics for Rural India Mudit Kapoor /43
52 Wound Research: Insights from a Mighty Miniature Model, Caenorhabditis Elegans Pooranachithra M /21
53 Parkia Tree Bean Just another Bean or Future Food? Namrata J Varkekar /30
54 Importance of Halophyte Community in Refining Saline Soil Quality and Maintaining Healthy Coastal Ecosystem Aditya P. Rathore /19
55 Automated Bird Monitoring by Machine Learning-based Algorithms Jyothi R /30
56 Chip-Implant-Contact Lenses a Device for Drug Delivery: A Reality Ankita Desai /25
57 Musa 'PisangAwak' (Banana Peel) – A Novel Renewable Heterogeneous Catalyst for Biodiesel Production M. Balajii /25
58 Maternal Responses to Offspring Death: Insights from Studies on Anthropoids Sayantan Das /8
59 High Spatial Resolution Data for Mapping High-Altitude Glacial Lakes Kavita Vaijanath Mitkari /26
60 It Is Time to Know Your Gut Microbe: Bifidobacteria Dhanashree /57
61 The Power of Hydrogen Sumit Bawari /63
62 Magnetic Nanoparticles Hyperthermia: An Emerging Cancer Therapy Sans Side Effects Surojit Ranoo /63
63 Why Floods Occurs Over Tamil Nadu Coast? Jayesh Phadtare /34
64 From Waste to Asset: Use of Yellow Gypsum as a Source of Sulphur in Agriculture Pravat Utpal Acharjee /40
65 Once Upon a Time in the Arabian Sea Smita Naik /56
66 India Develops a Methodology to Reduce Drag of Ships by 43% Sudhir Chandrashekhar Sindagi /12
67 Low-Dimensional Materials: Unusual Properties and Applications in Nano-Electronics Devices Namrata Dhar /53
68 A Ray of Light Could Be the Answer to How the Brain Recovers From an Insult Arun KM /25
69 Weak Electric Stimulation: An Answer to the Unremitting Voices in a Patient with Schizophrenia? Rujuta U Parlikar /7
70 From Coal to Nanocarbon to Cross Blood Brain Barrier to treat Alzheimer, Parkinson and Brain Tumour Bholanath Pakhira /32
71 Treatment of Kidney Stones Using Diosgenin Reema Mitra /32
72 Tailor Made Rice Varieties for a Food Secure Future Mouboni Dutta /53
73 Kinases: The Heroes without Capes in Cancer Research Sourabh Soni /43
74 Hunting of Treasures in the Wild Bhavyasree RK /27
75 Synergy to Fight the Monster Sobiya Zafar /18
76 ‘Diversity’ is the Road to Transport Sustainability Minal /29
77 Traditional Indian Cereal and its Preparation as a Potent Micronutrient Vehicle Sreyajit Saha /41
78 Aerodynamic Optimization of Humpback Whale Based Leading-Edge Protuberanced Aircraft Wing Arunvinthan S /15
79 Treadwill, a Website for Treating Depressive Symptoms Arka Ghosh /9
80 Investigation on Self-Healing of Recycled Asphalt Mixes - A Method to Incorporate Mixture Properties into the Pavement Design Ramya Sri Mullapudi /9
81 Nanocurcumin: A Point of Care Formulation to Treat Tuberculosis Priyanka Jahagirdar /60
82 Manipulation of Genes: A Promising Avenue for Improved Rice Productivity Anusree Saha /33
83 Slippery Coatings for Highly Viscous Complex Fluids on Solid Surfaces Meenaxi Sharma /13
84 A Non-Contact Approach to Evaluate the Effect of Mindfulness Meditation Jaspreet Singh /7
85 A Quicker Method for Blending Polyethylenes Krishnaroop Chaudhuri /16
86 Utilization of Marine Trash Fish Discards for Organic Nitrogen Enriched Fertilizer Production Aranganathan Lakshmi Narayanan /19
87 Diabetes and Absentmindedness Nabeel K /49
88 Unified Study for Various Types of Fish-Like Locomotion: Hydrodynamic Characteristics and Propulsive Performance under the Effect of Muscles and Flow-Induced Flexibility Namshad Thekkethil /8
89 Development of a Broad-spectrum Sunprotective Formulation for Indian Skin using Natural Ingredients Kumud Madan /28
90 Journey of Versican in Multiple Myeloma: From Diagnosis to fterapeutics Nidhi Gupta /20
91 Into The World of Orchids, In the Mystic Canopies of the Western Ghats Jis Sebastian /26
92 To Live or Not To Live: Liver Decides! Urmila Jagtap /38
93 Tailoring Papaya Resistant to Papaya Ringspot Virus Swati Kumari /37
94 The Future of Communication: Nanotechnology and Light Awanish Pandey /56
95 Doctor of Mice Neenu Jacob /36
96 Is Nanotechnology-related Pollution a Threat to Environment? Tanushree Parsai /73
97 Glass: Superhero in the World of Construction Materials Omkar Powar /36
98 ‘The Serpents’ Grace Chitra Nair /27
99 A Unified Modeling Approach to Improve the Atmospheric Predictability Nishtha Agrawal /39
100 Ultra-Safe Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer Batteries Prasit Kumar Dutta /115

AWSAR Winners (PDF category)

Sl. No.Article TitleAuthor Name Download/No.
1 Coin Tossing Explains Activity of Opposite Motors on Phagosomes Dr. Paulomi Sanghavi /476
Sl. No.Article TitleAuthor Name Download/No.
1 The Mystery Behind Unconventional Protein Secretion and Secretory Autophagy Dr. Sreedevi Padmanabhan /93
2 Embarking towards ‘Swachh Bharat’: Ek Kadam Swachhata Ki Aur Dr Sujata Pramanik /50
3 Tackling Rabies in a Rapidly Urbanising World Dr. Manvi Sharma /23
4 The Backstage Story of My Auto-Reusable Fluoride Receptors Dr. Suchibrata Borah /25
5 Your muscles and Fruit Fly stem cells Dhananjay Chaturvedi /33
6 Stalking Streptomyces on Hunt Dr. Ulfat Baig /11
7 An ‘AWSAR’ to Devise a Protocol for Laser-based Excision of Microscopic Woody Apple Bud Meristem for Tissue-Specific Expression Analysis Dr. Swati Verma /27
8 A Journey from Chronic Tobacco Exposure to Cancer Dr. Pavithra Rajagopalan /58
9 Wood Protectant from Coconut Shell: New Biobased Product for a Safe Future Dr. Shiny K S /28
10 Designer Crystals Dr. Shaunak Chakraborty /42
11 Electrochemical Studies Carried out in Deep Eutectic Solvents and Colloidal Suspensions Dr. Anu Renjith /44
12 Fish-Parasite Sentinel System-An Emerging Integrated Biomonitoring Tool in the Offing Dr. Ummer Zargar /16
13 Pre- and Post-digestion of microalgae makes an efficient energy product (Biogas) Dr. Megha Mathur /27
14 Anti-inflammatory and anti diabetic action of Arachidonic acid and its metabolite Lipoxin A4 Dr. Naveen Kumar Venkata Gundala /76
15 Relieving stress? Plants and human beings engage similar molecular crosstalk Hemoglobin in plants? Dr. Neha Singh /37
16 Check Met! Dr. Adhish Walvekar /65
17 The curious case of the ants in my plants friends Dr. Joyshree Chanam /39
18 Role of Zebrafish C-Reactive Protein in infiltration of Macrophages during Bacterial Pathogenesis Dr. Shuvasree Sarkar /49
19 Modified Curcumin (Haldi): A hope in preventing brain cell death in Parkinson’s disease Dr. Nuzhat Ahsan /103
20 Predicting Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall: Moving from Multiple to Single Forecast Dr. Swati Bhomia /75