AWSAR Awarded Articles 2019

AWSAR Awardees (Ph.D. category)

Sl. No.Article TitleAuthor Name Download/No.
1 Baci: The Fight for Earth Ms S Chris Felshia /1880
2 Empowering Rural India with Decentralized Energy Systems Mr Anand Abhishek /868
3 A Century of Global Warming and Its Impact on Bird Migration Mr Sayantan Sur /608
4 Guardian of the Malady Mr Anirban Sarkar /532
5 Out of the Lab: A Clock Conversation Mr Chitrang Dani /685
6 'Lights! Sound! Action!'-Germ killer light and sound makes food safe Mrs M L Bhavya /552
Sl. No.Article TitleAuthor Name Download/No.
1 Biochar: Can black be the new green? Ms Dipita Ghosh /335
2 The Curious Case of Hydrogen Fuel Cells Mr Avinash Ingle /157
3 A Dialogue in the Dark Mr Khandekar Jishan Bari /106
4 A Tug of War between Diabetes and Obesity - Just a Glimpse Ms Subhadra M /157
5 Jungli Pudina: From Weed to Wonderful Remedy Mr Bhanu Kumar /95
6 The Sky is Falling! Ms Dyana Joseline /117
7 Methanol Production from Indian Coal: The Inescapable Bridge of Syngas Clean-up Mr Pranav Kherdekar /108
8 From Houses to Powerhouses: The Story of Transitioning India to Smart Buildings Ms Sumedha Sharma /69
9 Let's build intelligent machines with Hide-and-Seek Mr Tirtharaj Dash /64
10 Overcoming the Strength-Ductility Trade-off in Low Alloy Steel for Superior Performance Mr Gaurav Bansal /41
11 Reminding Those Who Fail to Remember Mr Himanshu Joshi /66
12 Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) in Endometrium Canal for the Generation of ?Next Generation? Mr Sunil Abraham /81
13 Fake News Identification in Online Social Networks Ms Indu V /114
14 Polarized to Converge Light, Medicine and Lives Ms Mahima Sharma BS /35
15 Tiny Droplets Bring Big Benefits Mr Omkar Hegde /83
16 Ticking Time Bombs of Himalayas Mr Rajeev Rajak /40
17 Bee Pollen: A Wholesome Food from BEE to WE Ms Mamta Thakur /33
18 3D Printing, It's just like Magic!! Mr. Rohit Kannattukunnel /137
19 SOUND- It Shows-It Cures Mr. Aliarshad Kothawala /35
20 Conquering Biofilms! - Nanobiotics Vs Antibiotics Ms. Anju S. /72
21 The Science of Waking Up Mr Jervis Fernandes /98
22 Hydrogel Knowledge Helps Solve a Case Ms Mithra K /69
23 From Chips in Organs to Organ-on-chip: A Potential Alternative to Animal Testing Ms Nimisha Roy /38
24 बायो डीजल से आत्मनिर्भरता की ओर एक प्रयास Mr Chandra Shekhar Singh /125
25 Efficient Post-silicon Debug Platforms for Future Many-core Systems Mr Sidhartha Rout /18
26 How Did Your Brain Just Read This Sentence? Mr Aakash Agrawal /75
27 Preksha: A Hindi Text Visualizer Ms Priyanka Jain /31
28 A stripy hand to get the flow Ms. Samatha Mathew /24
29 Ecofriendly dyeing: Nature's gifts to save nature Ms. Taiyaba Ansari /51
30 Rekindling forgotten ecological principles: When an undammed river taught a lesson! Ms. Aashna Sharma /25
31 Little Magnetic Microorganisms Treating Deadly Brain Tumor: My Science Communication Journey Ms Ankita Rathore /49
32 Boosting the Superpower of Rice Bran Through Enzymatic Bioprocessingy Ms Sapna I /42
33 Microalgae - A Major Alternative Source of Biofuel Ms Supriya Bharte /81
34 Teaching the Machines: An Art of Learning from just a few Samples Ms Suvarna Kadam /77
35 Do You Really Know Proteins? Mr Mitul Srivastava /160
36 The Nanoparticulate Beauty and the Cancerous Beast Ms Samipta Singh /89
37 Waste Management: A Dream of Million Hearts in India Ms Debasree Purkayastha /102
38 How Did the Oldest Part of the Earth still Survive Today? Mr Jyotirmoy Paul /28
39 Silver-Based Nano 'Spider Webs' for Flexible Displays Mr Nitheesh M Nair /90
40 Karna: Securing Digital Devices at Birth Mr Patanjali SLPSK /26
41 The Future of Secrets Ms Keerthi K /54
42 Adoption of Artificial Intelligence for Electric Vehicle Integration in Smart Cities Ms Krishna Kumari /62
43 बायोचार: कृषि, अर्थ-व्यवस्था और पर्यावरण का तालमेल Mr Abhijeet Anand /67
44 My Journey in Labyrinths of Mathematics: The Security Key of Future Mr Abhishek Kesarwani /27
45 Droplet's Adventure in Quantumland Ms Chinmayee Mishra /28
46 Ways to Become Cooler and More Stable ? An Efficient Flow Boiling Heat Transfer Through Microchannel Mr Gaurav Hedau /13
47 Automatic Spoken Language Recognition Systems for Indian and Oriental Mr Nettimi Satya Sai Srinivas /23
48 Techniques Based on Darwin?s Theory of Natural Selection for Designing Wing Mr Pranesh Chandrasekaran /60
49 A Black Hole of Carbon Nanotubes for Defence to Energy Harvesting Mr Viney Ghai /55
50 Genome Editing in Rice-Ensuring Food Security Mr Andrew Peter Leon MT /44
51 How Does Lightning Affect the Aircrafts and Wind Turbines? Ms Dhanya T M /18
52 Peeping into the Dressing Room of Influenza: A Virus Ms Oyahida Khatun /38
53 Veins are not in Vain! Ms Sreyashi Bhowmick /34
54 Development of a Simple and Cost-effective Point of Detection Device (PODD) Mr V Srinivasa Rao /36
55 Taking on Superbug Ms Debika Ojha /33
56 Anisotropy and Inhomogeneity hidden Potential of Engineering Materials Mr Nishant Shakya /30
57 Structural Health Diagnostic Equipment Mr Ajinkya Sirsat /33
58 Nose-to-brain Delivery of Liposomes: A Ray of Hope for Schizophrenia Ms Reema Narayan /52
59 उच्च दाब का सटीक मापन: मूल परिभाषा से उद्योग जगत तक Mr Shanay Rab /38
60 Now Silk Can Also be Worn by Stem Cells to Express Themselves and Differentiate! Ms Smita Patil /19
61 IoT Based Real-time Water Quality Monitoring System Ms Sujaya Dasgupta /67
62 Why Can't I feel My Feet? : Antibodies Playing on the Nerve Floor Mr Debprasad Dutta /39
63 Nano-Army and the Bacterial Downfall Mr Jithin Vishnu /33
64 Dynamic Changes in Sleep Distribution Helps in Nocturnal Flight of Migratory Buntings Ms Jyoti Tiwari /12
65 Sizing Up Ms Kirti Gupta /23
66 Silver is the New Gold Ms Leena Fageria /46
67 A Tale of Hidden Treasures at the Junctions in the Flatland Ms Medha Dandu /14
68 Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: An Opportunity to Achieve Low-cost Clean Energy Mr Raj Kamal Yadav /81
69 How Could I Have Prevented Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress? Mr Sachin Shetty /50
70 A Diamond in the Rough Mr Ajin Joy /30
71 Exploiting Microorganisms to Boost Pigeon Pea Production Mr Anirban Basu /27
72 Unearthing Treasures from the Indian Ocean Ms Ankeeta Amonkar /22
73 Indigenously Designed and Developed Cryogenic Machining Technology Mr Chetan Agrawal /17
74 Sonophotocatalysis - An Effective Way to Disinfect Pathogens from Engineered Water Bodies Mr Habeeb Rahman AP /32
75 Innovative 'Sand Reclamation Technology' for the Sustainable Growth of Foundries Mr Mohd Moiz Khan /15
76 Complete Solution for Coloured Textile Effluent: A Closed-Loop Approach Ms Nippatlapalli Narasamma /15
77 Saving Our Saviours from an Avalanche Mr Rahul Sheoran /10
78 Cool, Cool Dried Apple! Ms Sandhya R Shewale /45
79 Is All Well in Metropolitan Cities? Deep Inside It is Fuming!!!!! Mr Ajay S V /23
80 Affect-Oriented Fake News Detection Using Machine Learning Mr Anoop Kadan /30
81 Cotton - The Trivialized Treasure Ms Arpita Shome /40
82 Biologically Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles: The Next-Generation Antimicrobials Mr Gaurav Kumar /87
83 Born from Diesel Fire Mr Mikhil Surendran /18
84 A Global Effort for Creating a Small Sun on Earth: The ITER Project Ms Shikha Binwal /20
85 Charging Station Placement for Indoor Robotic Applications Mr Tanmoy Kundu /15
86 Can You Hear Me? Mr Tomson Devis /43
87 Unlocking the Resistance Mechanism Puzzle for Better Treatment of Infections Mr Amol Kulkarni /28
88 A Portable Electronic Platform for Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Developing a New Class of Biomedical Systems Mr Anil Vishnu G K /57
89 Rapid and Precise Electromechanical Diagnosis of Single Cells Mr Karthik Mahesh /21
90 Prioritizing Between Eating Nutrient-Restricted Food versus Less Food: Does It Matter? Yes, It Does! Ms Krittika Sudhakar /29
91 Bake Waste, Bake Taste, Bake Health Ms Mrunal Barbhai /33
92 5G: A One Step Forward to the Speed Ms Prachi Gupta /52
93 Rabies: Removed or Re-emerging!!! Ms Suchismita Behera /22
94 Exploring the Phenomenon of Molecular Mimicry for Drug Repurposing against Autoimmune Diseases Ms Anjali Garg /26
95 Smart Energy System: For Cooling Solar Panels Ms Rashmi Chawla /74
96 A Gut Feeling: Could Salmonella Bacteria Kill Intestinal Tumors? Ms Rasika Pawar /39
97 Learning by Building a Cell Membrane from Purified Components Mr Abrar Bhat /16
98 From Nano to Macro: The Multi-scale Approach Ms Aleena Alex /57
99 A Ray of Hope for Uprooting Alcoholism from Society Ms Amrita Chaudhary /14
100 The World at the Tip of a Needle Mr Bijoy Dey /46
101 From Waste to Value: Use of Agro and Garden Waste for Gasification-based Community-level Cooking Mr Haseen Siddiqui /41
102 Insect-Killing Fungus: A Friend or Foe to Agriculture Ms Lipa Deb /46
103 Nature's Play in Dual Doping of Quantum Dots Ms Mahima Makkar /43
104 A Sign of Three: Puzzle of an Unseen Body in Contact Binary Stars Ms Malu S /17
105 A Brief Tale of the Development of Platinum-Based Nano-Theranostic System Destined to Treat Breast Cancer Ms Puja Patel /42
106 Improving Industrial Equipment Health: The Next-Generation Power Quality Monitoring Mr Rajat Kumar /18
107 As You Travel on the Indian Roads in 2050 Mrs Rakhi S /40
108 Water, The Elixir of Life or a Death Portion: Know Before It is too Late Ms Sandhya Birla /41
109 Scramblases - Guardians of the Cell Mr Santoshkumar Palanirajan /30
110 Let Us Not Give Alzheimer Caregiver Burden to Our Successors!!! Ms Sathiya Ramu /46
111 Chronicle of Migration: Tale of Two States Ms Sukanya Som /30
112 Cyclones in the North Indian Ocean in a Changing Climate Mr Vineet Singh /90

AWSAR Awardees (PDF category)

Sl. No.Article TitleAuthor Name Download/No.
1 Save Coral Reefs, Our Paradise on Earth, to Save Ourselves! Dr R Chandran /486
2 Coming Soon: An Animal Model-Free System for Pharmaceutical Testing Dr Joyita Sarkar /393
Sl. No.Article TitleAuthor Name Download/No.
1 A Journey of a Fungal Entophyte: From Host to Human Health Welfare Dr Madhuree Kumari /118
2 Multidrug Resistance in Cancer: The Threat of Giant Multinucleated Cells Dr Aditya Parekh /135
3 Neuronal Degeneration in the Diabetic Eye Dr Harshini Chakravarthy /102
4 Traffic Jams in the Brain Dr Parul Sood /91
5 Geo-Microbiology of Arsenic (As) Calamity in the Gangetic Bengal Plain: A Decader Dr Balaram Mohapatra /34
6 Playing a Nano Drum Dr Parmeshwar Prasad /68
7 The Victory of Good over Evil: A Cellular Ramayana Dr Himanshi Kapoor /88
8 Corrosion-Free Structures ? Is It a Dream or Reality? Dr Sripriya Rengaraju /48
9 Transcription Factors: The Bookmarks of Our Genome Book Dr Debostuti Ghoshdastidar /61
10 Directing Light Using Tiny Bubbles: Toward Low-Power Light-Based Computers Dr Nihit Saigal /27
11 The Story Behind a Beautiful Smile Dr Sirisha Boddapati /98
12 प्राकृतिक प्रतिआक्सिकरणों (एंटीऑक्सीडेंट) द्वारा परमाणु आपदा प्रबंधन में भारत की तैयारियों को एक नई दिशा Dr Arun Kumar /65
13 Drone Engine Enhancement for Military Applications Dr Raviteja S /46
14 How a Harmonious Relationship Between the Brain and the Bone can Keep Alzheimer?s Disease at Bay? Dr Viji Vijayan /63
15 Recombinant Therapeutic Antibodies - Ek Kadam Swasthya Ki Aur! Dr Vaishali Verma /41
16 Reinventing the Parking Experience Through Smart Park Solution85 Dr Dipak Gade /20
17 An Artificial Blue Leaf for a Greener Future89 Dr Gayatribahen Joshi /52
18 Organic Spintronics: Role of TiO2 in OLED Fabrication for Display Technology Dr Vaishali Phatak Londhe /70
19 Noninvasive Marker of Breast Cancer Using Dermatoglyphic Tool of ATD Angle Measurement Dr Alibha Rawat /53
20 Nanotechnology: A Trojan Horse for Green Health Revolution Dr Nandini B /143
21 Lower Aromatic Fuels for Combustion Engines to Reduce Emissions and Fuel Consumption Dr Paramvir Singh /69