The stories are evaluated by the experts considering the following points:

Category Criteria
  • Language of the article is simple (minimal equations, technical terms, and formulae).
  • Use of simple, appropriate words and short sentences & paragraphs.
  • Proper use of grammar.
  • The article provides a clear understanding of subject/research.
  • Introduction and conclusion are relevant to the research.
  • Clarity of context, topic and main idea.
  • Information provided is relevant and not overloaded.
Format & Presentation
  • Title is attractive/catchy.
  • Beginning of the article attracts the prospective reader.
  • The article develops the story logically & sustains interest.
  • The content is logically organized.
  • The article accurately and objectively translates even the complex account of the writer’s research into simple non- technical language.
  • Interpretation of science intended for a general audience.
  • The article kindles interest in doing science, especially in students/young people.
  • The article uses suitable metaphors and analogies and relates to everyday experience.